Defender™ Heavy Duty Rail

Defender™ Heavy Duty Rail

Have teams of abseilers working from a single wall or ceiling-mounted rail that wraps continuously around your building or use it for the serious façade maintenance jobs that call for materials, carriages and personnel.

Secure, seamless, effortless safety

Safety is seamless with Defender™ Heavy Duty Rail. Customised for the unique shape of your buildings, it can climb, bend and intersect to suit even the most architecturally adventurous facades with minimum visual impact.

Without all the stops to unhook and hook on again, there’s less risk of human error and less time spent working at height. The simplicity of a rail also keeps workers on the intended route without confusing anchor layouts.

Appealing aesthetics

The Defender™ Heavy Duty Rail may be heavy duty but its appearance is far from industrial. Hugging the building’s façade and capable of 600mm radius corners, the simple lines of the rail disappear into architectural detail. And, for internal installations, the rail itself can be recessed into the ceiling, leaving only a slender line exposed.

Anodised aluminium for extreme environments

Engineered from aluminium alloy ENAW6060 T6, Defender™ Heavy Duty Rail withstands even a marine environment. Thanks to the anodized treatment, there’s no risk of electrolytic corrosion between steel structures and the rail.

Pragmatic and cost-effective

Great design shouldn’t cost extra. In fact, for rapid, cost-effective installation with fewer penetrations, Defender™ Heavy Duty Rail’s engineering delivers 6-metre spans between brackets. The heavy-duty rail is so strong, there’s no requirement to replace any section after a fall.