Defender™ Roof Anchors

Fall prevention

The Defender™ range includes lanyards, roof anchors and harnesses for safe and efficient fall prevention and arrest (IFAS).

When to use roof anchors

Roof anchors provide a safe attachment point for static lines and lanyards. Used in fall arrest and fall restraint systems, roof anchors are the next best option when work either cannot be carried out on the ground or when guardrails are impractical – for example, when work needs to be carried out close to an unprotected edge.

Mounting Defender™ roof anchors

Defender™ roof anchors are generally fixed to the roof purlins but can also be mounted directly on roof sheeting or chem set into concrete. Certified Defender Installers can advise which type is best for your building.

Using Defender™ roof anchors safely

As part of a fall restraint or arrest system, the installation of Defender™ roof anchors needs to be carefully thought out. The right installation will reduce the risk of the potentially lethal pendulum effect and minimise the risk of falls.

Defender™ certified installation professionals have been extensively factory trained to comply with AS/NZS 5532 and AS/NZS 1891 – Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices.

As part of the installation, Defender™ certified installers supply a complete registered installation certificate and administrative controls. Under the standard, anchors must be tested annually, which the the Defender™ team will arrange for you. We’ll also manage the rigorous record-keeping demanded under Australian state laws.

To find out more about Defender™ roof anchors and how they can be used to comply with Australian OHS laws, speak with a certified Defender™ height specialist.

How Defender Anchors are tested to AS/NZS 5532