Defender™ Walkways

Defender™ walkways for safe roof access

Always ready for use and built to last, Defender™ walkway systems are the simple and safe way to access roofs and plant equipment. Short of staying off the roof altogether, walkways are the regulator’s preferred control for the risk of falls* and by far the most certain way to avoid roof damage.

Defender™ walkway systems are designed and tested in a NATA™-accredited fall prevention laboratory, ensuring full compliance to the National Construction Code (formerly known as the BCA), AS 1657 requirements, OHS legislation and state law.

Built to last

  • Engineered for structural soundness and to preserve your roof’s waterproofing
  • Installed by certified installers with specialised training
  • Warehoused in kit form, ensuring rapid installation and the minimum of disruption to your site
  • Made from non-corrosive aluminium. All steel components are hot-dipped galvanized
  • Meet requirements for kpa uniformly distributed live loading
  • Defender™ walkways are suitable for all popular types of roof including steel deck, asbestos, and brown-built roofs.
  • Advanced, multi-directional non-slip surface
  • Mounted on fully-supported track system
  • Installed with complete safety fittings (end bars, joiners, etc)
  • Installed with self-sealing-bulb fixing rivets, eliminating roof leaks
  • Provided with full guarantee and warranty

Defender™ walkways are generally much more cost-effective than other fall prevention systems and offer superior safety, meeting mandatory requirements.

• *Prevention of falls in general construction 2008 (Compliance Code)
• Code of Practice-Prevention of Falls at Workplaces
• Model Code of Practice – Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces
• AS 1657-2013 (Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – design, construction and installation)

Defender™ walkways are suitable for all popular types of roof, including steel deck, asbestos and brown-built roofs.