Defender™ Guardrails

Permanent Defender™ guardrails for safe, maintenance-free access

Always in place and safe, even for unskilled workers, Defender™ guardrails are an excellent safeguard for employees and contractors working at height. For the facility managers and building owners who have them installed, Defender™ guardrails are also highly cost-effective and low maintenance.

Proven compliance with Australian standards

Defender™ guardrails comply with AS 1657-2013: Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation, so you can be sure your people are protected and your liability is minimised.

Defender™ guardrail system has been independently tested by ETRS Pty Ltd for compliance with Appendices B and C of AS1657-2013.

Walkways and guardrails are preferred by state workplace safety authorities over most other types of fall prevention, like roof anchorsstatic lines and harnesses. Read more about how guardrails fit into the hierarchy of controls here.

Defender™ Fold-Down guardrails

When you need all the safety and ease of access a guardrail provides without the visual impact on your building’s aesthetics, choose Defender™ fold-down guardrails.

Activating Defender™ guardrails takes seconds. Simply raise them from their horizontal resting position and let them slide into place with a positive click. To make them disappear again, just lift and lower.

Defender™ access and safety equipment is designed by engineers, tested in our specialised NATA™-accredited facility and installed by factory-trained installers. Defender™ guardrails fully comply with the National Construction Code (formerly the BCA), AS 1657, OHS legislation and state regulations.

Quick delivery

So there’s no delay in implementing your height safety controls, Defender™ guardrails are stocked in our warehouse in kit form to suit all standard roof and platform profiles.

Strong, corrosion-resistant guardrails

Defender™ walkway and guardrail systems are engineered for structural soundness and to preserve the roof’s waterproofing.

Good looking from ground level

Aesthetics are considered right from the design stage. Defender™ guardrails can be powder coated or painted to match your building.