Defender™ Staircases

Defender™ staircases for safe access to roofs and plant

Talk to a Defender™ certified installer about a Defender™ staircase for your site – undoubtedly the safest form of access to a raised area. Users can carry equipment safely and comfortably – even without a particularly high level of skill or fitness. Defender™ staircases can be built internally or externally at gradients of between 26.5 and 45 degrees. Defender™ can also assist with solutions for other gradients: cleated walkways for less than 26.5 degrees and ladders for gradients of more than 45 degrees.

These maintenance access stairs are guaranteed to fit and comply with the BCA/National Construction Code.

And they’re a dream to work with.

Built off-site to suit your space, Defender™ aluminium stairs are installed in 45 minutes by two people without any welding or special equipment.

Defender™ stairs are guaranteed to:
• be installed by just two people in 45 minutes
• fit the space beautifully the first time
• comply with National Construction Code and AS 1657, OHS legislation, state regulations and the BCA