Defender™ Rail Systems

Faster, Safer, Defender Rail

Whether you need to scale a high-rise façade or walk across the top of a truck, Defender™Rail is the secure, hands-free solution.

Secure, seamless, effortless safety

Safety is seamless with Defender Rail. Customised for the unique shape of your buildings, it can climb, bend and intersect to suit even the most architecturally adventurous facades.

Without all the stops to unhook and hook on again, there’s less risk of human error and less time spent at height. The simplicity of a rail also keeps workers on the intended route without confusing anchor layouts or the need to down tools.

Strong and Flexible

Use it overhead or at your feet for façade maintenance and window cleaning or safe work at heights over vehicles or industrial machinery.

In the event of a fall, Defender Rail again outperforms the alternatives.

Unlike steel rope static lines, which can deflect by as much as a metre in the event of a fall, Defender Rail’s rigid rail does not yield.

The shorter fall distances and lower deceleration forces add up to fewer and less severe injuries. Especially where clearances are tight – whether on a machine or mezzanine – and every centimeter counts.

Defender Rail


Pragmatic and cost-effective

Great design shouldn’t cost extra. In fact, for rapid, cost-effective installation with fewer penetrations, Defender Rail’s engineering delivers 6-metre spans between brackets.

Don’t be fooled by Defender Rail’s lightweight construction, either. The system maintains its integrity in the event of a fall so only the affected section of rail needs to be replaced, returning your site to full operation in no time.

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